About District 18 (Boise, Idaho)

District 18 is comprised of Southeast Boise, and South Boise neighborhoods including Columbia Village, Harris Ranch, Lakewood and neighborhoods off Victory from Gowen to Five Mile. View District Map PDF

District 18 Precincts:
Precincts are the smallest political units we have (what precinct do I live in?). Democratic precinct committee-persons (PCs) are elected by the citizens of their precinct and charged with connecting the people in their precinct to the Democratic Party and the Party to the people. See a vacancy in your precinct? Please contact your District Chair and discuss how you might be able to fill this crucial position!

1801: Vacant (Overland/Maple Grove)
1802: Norma Lloyd (Victory/Five Mile)
1803: Vacant (Victory/Gowen)
1804: Vacant (Blue Lake/Blue Sage)
1805: Vacant (Boise/Broadway)
1806: Carolyn Moore (River Run)

1807: Rex Sermon (Victory/Vista)
1808: Vacant (Linder/Broadway)
1809: Susan Eastlake (Boise/Apple)
1810: Dana Duncan (Boise/Holcomb)
1811: James Ruckh (Bown/Woodduck)
1812: Brooke Green (Lakewood West)

1813: Lorraine Rehn (Lakewood East)
1814: Vacant (Amity Rd)
1815: John Goettsche (Oregon Trail Heights/Columbia Village)
1816: Larry Crowley (Surprise Valley)
1817: David Scott (Harris Ranch/Barber Valley)
1818: Jordan Morales (Columbia Village/Columbia Rd)

District 18 Democratic Party

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Local Leadership:
- District Chair: John Goettsche
- District Vice Chair: Jordan Morales

District 18 Democrats Facebook Page

Monthly Meeting:
- Date: First Wednesday of the month
- Time: 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
- Location: 3314 Sweetwater Drive, 83716

District 18 Elected Representatives

Senator Janie Ward-Engelking (D)
Website | Facebook | Twitterjwardengelking@senate.idaho.gov

**Endorsed Brooke Green for House Seat 18B
About: Janie Ward-Engelking is proud to represent District 18 as its state senator. Janie doesn’t just talk about helping children and families, she rolls up her sleeves and gets the job done. From serving as a classroom teacher, team mom, and a community volunteer, Janie knows that children need access to quality teachers, rigorous curriculum, and a classroom setting that promotes learning.

Representative Ilana Rubel (D) - House Seat 18A
Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | irubel@house.idaho.gov

**Endorsed Brooke Green for House Seat 18B
About: Ilana Rubel has counseled technology companies in Boise and nationwide for 19 years. She graduated from Georgetown University and Harvard Law School, and is currently a partner in the Boise office of Fenwick & West, LLP. Raised by a working single mom, Ilana graduated from law school thanks to terrific teachers, schools and helping hands along the way. She is adamant that everyone should have the same opportunities she did to work their way up the ladder in life.

Representative Phylis King (D) - House Seat 18B (retiring)
Website | Facebookpking@house.idaho.gov

**Endorsed Brooke Green for House Seat 18B
About: I have been honored to serve District 18 in the Idaho Legislature for the past 8 years. During that time, I have learned much, built great relationships, and used common sense to resolve the issues that came before us. I have brought a reasonable, compassionate voice to policy discussions. I would like to continue this important work and I share your priorities of a better education for our children, affordable health care, and well paying jobs.